NZ26 Wood Burning Fireplace

NZ26 Wood Burning Fireplace
Item# NZ26

Product Description

Air control chamber that eliminates negative pressure problems

Uses outside or inside air for combustion

Full brick patterned refractory liner retains heat and supports overnight burn

Exclusive PHAZER light weight ceramic baffle heats up quickly to help increase efficiency

Four stainless steel secondary air tubes that create fascinating display of YELLOW DANCING FLAMES

Convenient and elegant, stainless steel log retainer and primary "bottom air feed" assists in cold start up and to "recharge" a small dying fire

Air wash system insulated with ceramic fibre and protected with stainless steel cover plate eliminates deterioration and assures complete combustion, maintaining an extremely clean viewing glass

Large "King Size" capacity ash pan (600 cu. in. capacity) with unique tri-fold lid and dual carrying handles

Easy, single lever combustion control with optional motorized thermostat allows for automatic regulation of the burn rate

Firebox aerodynamics allow you to open the door without drawing smoke into the room

Heat radiating high temperature ceramic glass

Variable speed switch and heat sensor for blower are factory per-installed ready to accept optional blower kit

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