Jackson Grills VERSA 100

Jackson Grills VERSA 100
Item# JG-JPG100
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Product Description

VERSA 100 The Versa 100 for 2009 continues with the new additions for 2008, an enlarged roasting hood, optional rotisserie kit and an optional valve system that allows for natural gas conversion, direct hook-up to a large LP cylinder (LPHOSE5 needed) and a direct hook-up to an RV regulated pressure system. This VERY VERSATILE grill will work for many applications. Use it as a portable grill for camping OR mount it on a boat rail OR install it on the stainless steel pedestal with collapsible side shelf OR easily install the long leg attachments with wire condiment basket and collapsible side shelf! Take this grill with you whenever you want or use it at home as your primary grill! Never before has one product fit SO MANY applications. Features: - Stainless steel main burner Thick wall (Lifetime Warranty!) - Enlarged roasting hood - Special 10th Anniversary logo on hood wrapped around a precision temperature gauge - 100% stainless steel construction - Single 12,000 BTU burner - Regulator assembly (connects to 1LB cylinder) - Stainless steel hardware - Commercial quality construction - Electronic ignition - Integrated grease management system - Full welded design - Roll clean cooking surface with VGS (Variable Grilling Surface) - Limited lifetime warranty NOTE: ALL MODELS COME FACTORY EQUIPPED FOR PROPANE ONLY (Optional valve system for NG conversion, RV hook up and connection to large LP cylinder available)


Versa 100 Patio Mount
Versa 100 Patio Mount The Patio mount option features 100% polished 304-Grade construction with a stainless steel folding side shelf equipped with tool hooks. PATIO MOUNT ONLY
Regular price: $365.00
Sale price: $346.75
Versa 100 Pedestal System
Versa 100 Pedestal System The Pedestal option features 100% 304-grade stainless steel construction with a stainless steel folding side shelf equipped with tool hooks. Pedestal has enough storage for a 20LB propane cylinder. PEDESTAL ONLY
Regular price: $385.00
Sale price: $365.75
Versa 100 Long Leg Kit
Versa 100 Long Leg Kit The long leg kit consists of (4) 30 stainless steel long legs, wire condiment basket and folding stainless steel side shelf with tool hooks
Regular price: $225.00
Sale price: $213.75
Versa Series Marine Mount
Versa Series Marine Mount The Rail mount system allows for Boat and ATV installations.
Regular price: $95.00
Sale price: $90.25
Versa 100 Rotisserie Kit
Versa 100 Rotisserie Kit The Rotisserie Kit option for the Versa 100 includes a heavy-duty rotisserie rod, forks, motor.
Regular price: $95.00
Sale price: $90.25

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