50 LBS Jewel Mixture Landscape Glass

50 LBS Jewel Mixture Landscape Glass
Item# SCF-LG015

Product Description

50 LBS Forest Mixture Landscape Glass

Make a statement with tumbled glass nuggets and glass rocks. In lieu of ubiquitous bark mulch, glass can provide a striking groundcover. In lieu of stone, glass can provide the permanence you seek. In lieu of earthtone-colored rocks, xeriscaping designs can now employ blues and purples and greens. The rainbow of colors available in ASG Glassí products is unprecedented in landscaping applications. Dry river beds, fountain accents, flagstone fillers, paver aggregates, rock gardens. Our standard mixes are especially popular as faux water features. Our standard colors are especially popular in doing something new, something different. Because itís tumbled, the glass wonít cut. Because itís 100% recycled, the glass is wildly popular Because itís colorful, nearly any design incorporating glass is stunning.

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