36" Colonial™ Dave Lennox Signature™ Collection Wood-Burning Fireplace

Item# COL-3629
Glass Doors:  Brick Finish: 

Product Description

The Colonial™ wood-burning fireplace features a tall, high-opening style reminiscent of Early American hearths. Whether you need a fireplace scaled for a high-ceiling room, or just wish to evoke a grand feeling, the Colonial is ideal.

Aesthetics A 36"W x 29"H brick-to-brick opening offers a grand viewing area for impressive and attractive fires. Louverless, true masonry look adds elegance and beauty to the fire experience. Inclined ash lip has masonry look that’s flush with the front opening for a clean and sophisticated appearance. Performance Outside combustion air mechanism helps provide outside air for improved performance. Ease of Operation Massive, heavy-duty steel grate holds up to six logs for convenient loading. Design Versatility Choose from a variety of Deluxe glass door finishes to match the look and feel of your room. Traditional or Herringbone brick patterned interior offers a custom masonry look.

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